Release 1.9

What's in the box

So we finally made it with the new 1.9 Release that has been put online in the last days.

We sent an email to all eligible customers for the upgrade but in case you have not received it please ping back.

The new features are:

  • A new method to compute Polynomial Roots.
  • New Digital Signal Processing methods: Spectral Window, Short Time Fourier Transform, Spectrogram and the Wigner-Ville transform.
  • A new detrended linear predictor for enhanced linear predictions.
  • A new spline method that is able to “fill the zeroes” in a time-series.
  • A new forecasting method specifically designed for economic time-series: EconomicTimeSeriesForecasting.
  • We added also in the Kernel Smoothers the possibility to compute the kernel extending the original time-series using a well known method (like a linear predictor) so that the resulting kernel is more smooth on the hard right edge.