Time-series forecasting software

About Us

IPredict is a company that helps other businesses forecast their future. Most of the small companies cannot simply afford a forecasting tool. Our products and services help your organization in producing reliable and low cost forecasts and reduce the risk coming from today’s fast moving markets.


Our mission is to deliver software and expertise that enables organizations to produce better forecasts. We deliver tools that can be used as standalone applications or embedded in third party applications so that you can benefit in an effective and easy to use way. Third party companies can build their own product based on our decennial experience in forecasting.

We do also custom development on the subjects related to our field of research: forecasting and data-mining. Drop us an email if you need something special built using the programming language you prefer and on the platform you prefer.


Privately-held and self-sustaining.


IPredict started in 2004 with the idea of offering innovative, easy to use, efficient ways of forecasting data. The founders of the company have a broad and decennial experience in the field. We intend to grow adding to our current offering innovative forecasting-related solutions that will help you in your day-to-day foreast activities.

Why Should You Select IPredict?

IPredict founders have a decennial experience in the forecasting, statistical and mathematical fields. This business is our focus and our passion.

  • We will be around in the future, so you can count on continued updates and support.
  • We have superior customer support.
  • We have continuous plans to improve our products and monitor all competitors.

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Digital Signal Processing   Principal Component Analysis
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