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IPredict Time-series Forecasting

The forecasting process is crucial for every manufacturer, retailer and in general for all businesses. This is because moving the finished goods or raw materials from suppliers to factories, to distributors, to customers takes the time needed for these physical objects to move from one location to another. Forecasting fills the gap between the business need to know in advance when demand will be present and the factory need to know when the order will come in since also the manufacturing process will take its time. Part suppliers will take their time to produce parts needed and time will be needed to assemble all items.

Every actor in this supply chain can then plan in advance when to produce, how much to produce, when to distribute, how much to distribute. The ability to produce a correct forecast can produce benefits across the entire supply chain such as lower costs, less inventory, and fewer stock-outs.

IPredict offers its unique data forecasting library that solves many problems related to Supply Chain Forecasting, Stock Market Forecasting, Demand Forecasting in an easy way directly in your Excel.

Why IPredict

Does your job entail working on numbers and time-series forecasting? Do you get upset when trying to forecast next month demand for your products? Are you afraid of using complex or impossible-to-use forecasting software that require you more knowledge than that required to build the product itself? Have you ever wondered how to be successful in today’s fast moving financial markets? Ever dreamt to use new forecasting algorithms?

IPredict is the software that allows you to work on your forecasting tasks easily and happily. No pain. No problems. Strictly integrated inside Microsoft Excel it offers you unprecedented capabilities and ease of use. The Excel integrated forecasting wizard allows you to produce accurate forecasts in minutes. The wizard is composed of two simple steps: choose the Excel input and output ranges and run the Best fit algorithm or one of your choice. How can a forecasting software be simpler than this? Purchase a license for you or for your company, try it with money-back guarantee for thirty days and see the difference. The license covers also the usage of the wizard as a C# library and you get for one simple price two products. See below for the usage terms of the library in third party applications. The license is for a single user on a single computer.

Download an example Excel workbook.

Download a demo program using Wavelet Forecasting on financial data.

Worried about complexity? Take a look at the simple two-steps forecasting wizard and see the difference.

If you are tired of working with software that are more complex to use than the solution of your problem then you must try IPredict. Forecasting has never been so easy. Take a look at the simple two steps of our forecasting wizard that automatically chooses the best parameters for you.

Step 1

Select the input and output Excel ranges and the number of periods to forecast.


Step 2

Click on finish to get the results you need. The default parameters are set so that you use the best possible forecasting algorithm for your time-series. Here you can override the Best Fit ranking criteria and select manually the algorithm you want IPredict to use.


Step 3


That’s all. Isn’t it so easy? You will not find another tool that automatically selects the best algorithm with the best parameters including automatically calculating the seasonality of the time-series with less effort than IPredict.

Do you want to get more from the tool? Do you want to integrate it into your applications? Or enhance your software products with advanced forecasting algorithms?

IPredict can be integrated seamlessly inside all software applications. It comes as a Microsoft .NET library, entirely written in C#.NET it allows you strict integration in all .NET platform languages and all legacy systems through Microsoft COM. The license is for a single developer on a single computer. License fees apply also for the deployment of the solution you build with IPredict; these fees vary depending on the expected number of sold licenses. Please contact us for details about the licensing scheme. The license covers the usage of both the Microsoft Excel interactive wizard and the C# library and you get for one simple price two products.

System requirements

Windows 7 32/64 bits, Windows 8 and 8.1 32/64 bits and Windows 10.

Microsoft Excel 2007, 2010 or Microsoft Excel 2013.

50MB of disk space, 256 MB of memory, 1.5 GHz processor or greater.

This is a certified product


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