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IPredict is:

A Microsoft Excel plug-in that allows you to create time-series predictions and build advanced financial Technical Analysis indicators directly in Excel. Breakthrough Stock Market Forecasting
Access Q-Forecasting Stock Market Prediction.
See our past performance on:
the DAX Index.
the S&P500 Index.
An Options pricing engine that allows you to use Black-Scholes-Merton classic pricing models.
Optimize your financial portfolio using Capital Asset Pricing Models and Markowitz Modern Portfolio Theory.
A Microsoft.NET library that can be embedded in third party applications.  
Classical forecasting, smoothing, regression forecasting and data analysis algorithms, Linear Prediction.
Applied Forecasting services on the Stock Market. Test drive the latest time-series forecasting software
Test drive our technology looking at our free online Wavelet Forecast.
Proprietary Bayesian algorithms and Wavelet forecasting.
Advanced Digital Signal Processing algorithms and Kernel Smoothing.
Singular Spectral Analysis and Principal Component Analysis.
Take a look at our 100+ forecasting techniques.
Easy to use, no statistics/mathematics knowledge is necessary for simple models.

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